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motor stator testing

resistance / inductance / flash / rotation

TQC has specialised in automated testing of electric motor stator windings and fully assembled motors for many years. Equipment has been developed in conjunction with several manufacturers to maximise the benefits of automatic motor testing.

Motor stator test machine  Windings are manually connected and then a range of electrical performance tests are conducted.

[Bullet] PC Compatible
[Bullet] Single Three Phase Stators
[Bullet] Up to 6-wire Connection
[Bullet] High Accuracy 4-terminal
[Bullet] Resistance Measurement
[Bullet] Resistance Balance Test
[Bullet] Inductance Measurement
[Bullet] Flash Tests up to 3000V
[Bullet] Field Rotation Check

key benefits

[Bullet] Stator test machine control and instrumentation panel.PC - Based System - the stator test unit is based on a the latest PC with colour monitor display. This allows full operator information, and menu selectable testing against part number for any type of stator up to 6 wire connection. Test limits may be programmed, and results printed. Software calibration is included.
[Bullet] Safety Guarded System - a well proven safety system allows fast connection to each winding, and includes an integral flash test of up to 3000V between windings, and winding to frame, as part of the automatic sequence.
[Bullet] Solid State Field Check - a solid state fixed probe enables a check to be made of correct field rotation as a part of the automatic sequence, for both single and three phase stators.
[Bullet] Full documentation - the equipment is supplied with full Operator and Service Manuals, spares lists and maintenance wiring diagrams.

test equipment capabilities

TQC combines extensive experience with a modular approach. The best modern data capture methods and proven software techniques are engineered into your production environment to provide reliable and easily maintainable equipment.


Noise and vibration


Distance and rotation


Inductance and capacitance





Flow Pressure
Temperature Force


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