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robot systems & robot cells

automatic assembly machine with SCARA Reconfigurable Robot and Vibratory Bowl Fed Screws and Automatic ScrewdriverTQC have recently performed a number of sophisticated Robot systems for several demanding applications. The projects have ranged from the use of proprietary robot units to the development of a large, complex gantry robot system.

TQC have provided multi-robot production lines and single robot workstations in different applications, ranging from automotive parts manufacture and modification, transfer of green state ceramic components to high precision automation at high speeds.

This single robot cell was designed to automate the assembly of a small electrical handset.  An operator loads the bottom casing (containing the PCB) and top casing into the assembly jig section of the machine, which then automatically closes, clipping  the two parts of the handset together. Sony Robot Automatic Assembly System


The robot picks four screws from the bowl feeder and drives them into place in the handset, one at a time.  This cell produces a complete handset every 12 seconds.  This cell was then repeated four times. 

The facility shown here has a working envelope of 6 meters x 4 meters x 2.5 meters. The end effector (gripper) was specially designed to transfer delicate "green state" ceramic components together with 3 other parts and assemble. The gripper transfers 12 items at a time stacking them accurately onto a surface of varying heights & attitude.

reconfigured robot automation systemThis system incorporated a reconfigured robot unit. The drawing to the right, shows the new configuration of the main elements. Associated with this unit is a pallet magazine, multiple transport conveyors and an elevation unit bringing product from a level 4 metres above.

TQC was responsible for the successful integration of the complete system including the designing of vacuum formed trays and other product storage.

Both of the above systems were integrated into factory wide SCADA systems on an Allen Bradley platform.

TQC welcomes the opportunity to design and manufacture complete automation systems to customer specifications.

key benefitsLarge Cartesian Robot - Working Envelope 6m x 4m x 1.5m

[Bullet] Professional & Flexible approach to all engineering tasks bestowed upon us
[Bullet] All work completed in house - so the buck stops here!
[Bullet] 24 hour Customer support, backup and service call-out for all projects large and small

production equipment

TQC's production line and mechanical handling equipment can be integrated with on-line test equipment for use in any manufacturing industry, including the food, brewery, automotive, consumer and pharmaceutical industries.

Each TQC unit is designed to provide the best solution for reducing labour costs, increasing output and eliminating manual handling concerns.

Whether your production facility needs a simple bench top system, a more complex upgrade of your existing equipment, or a fully integrated production unit, TQC are able to provide a complete solution with a professional approach.

If you have a current project that you are already looking at, or you are considering improvements to your production in the near future, call us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice & visit you at your site.

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